Can I discharge my home owner association dues in bankruptcy?

By Andrew Christensen, Attorney The dischargeability of home owner association dues is complicated and often misunderstood.  It turns out that many times past due HOA fees may be discharged in bankruptcy. There are several misconceptions about discharging HOA dues that are common among both homeowners and attorneys.  It is commonly thought that HOA dues run with […]

Where Should Bay Area Residents File Bankruptcy?

You Generally File Bankruptcy Where You Live When you decide to file bankruptcy, there are a few rules to know about where you can file your case.  Generally, you file bankruptcy in the county where you live.  There are four bankruptcy courts in the Bay Area: Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Rosa.  For […]

What to Bring to Your first Bankruptcy Attorney Appointment

Before coming to the office we recommend you gather the following documents to bring to your first appointment.  These documents will help us to understand your financial situation and to provide the best guidance for debt relief options. Document Needed: Pay stubs for the last 60 days. Additional pay stubs from dates: Tax Return: most […]